7 mistakes in the use of tampons, which create a health risk

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7 mistakes in the use of tampons, which create a health risk

Tampons are one of the most convenient means during the menstrual cycle. They are hidden in the vagina, which gives more freedom and security when moving. In addition, they are suitable in any situation. How could you wear white pants or go swimming if you wore a bandage? Of course, the tampon is the best solution in these and many other similar cases.
However, there are some risks in using tampons if they are not used properly. What are the most common mistakes that could potentially harm your health?
Do not wash your hands before use
It is extremely important to wash your hands with warm water and soap before inserting the swab into the vagina. Otherwise, you risk getting bacteria and infectious agents into your vagina, which can cause serious danger to your health. Wiping your hands with wet towels is not enough.
Apply a tampon when there is no bleeding
Pre-inserting a tampon in anticipation of menstruation is a mistake. It is also wrong to put a tampon at the end of menstruation, when there is virtually no bleeding.
This is because the wall of the vaginal canal is too dry when you insert or remove it. This can cause irritation, pain, injury to the lining, and even particles and fibers from the dry swab in the vagina.
You place two tampons one after the other
Think very carefully about whether you have already put a tampon when you put a new one. Some women get confused and mistakenly put a second one, pushing the old one very deep into the cervix. In such cases, it is necessary to seek medical help to remove them. There is a possibility of infections and mechanical damage to the fragile tissues of the cervix.
You only use one type of absorption level
Different tampons, like bandages, are designed for different intensities of bleeding. Some are for the weaker, others for the stronger. You need to keep this in mind, not just use one type at a time.
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Store the tampons in the bathroom
Moisture in the bathroom can damage tampons and make them potentially dangerous to health, as humid weather conditions increase the growth of various pathogenic bacteria.
Do not change the pad after swimming
No matter how careful you are not to spread your legs too much while swimming, there is nothing that can stop the water from invading the vagina. For this reason, it absorbs into the tampon. If you do not change it immediately after swimming, all the bacteria that entered through it from the water to the vagina remain inside.
You use scented tampons
Scented tampons and bandages are highly not recommended for use, although they are manufactured and sold in commercial networks. No gynecologist would advise you to use them, as fragrances carry a potential risk of various problems.

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