Reasons to eat onions every day “The onion and its magic”

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Vegetables and spices from the onion family have magical benefits for health and the body. All of them have properties that improve the functions of individual organs and systems and make their work easier and better.

Onions contain flavonoids that fight inflammation, free radicals and disease processes in cells.

What substances does onion contain?

It is extremely rich in vitamin C, folate, potassium, manganese, fiber, vitamin B6 (folic acid).

What does onion help with?

According to research, onions help with some really serious diseases, which makes it a mandatory part of the menu. Do not ignore it because it can improve your health.

Reduces the risk of diabetes


Onions contain fiber, which regulates metabolism and lowers blood sugar levels. The biotin in onions has a similar effect. It can stop the processes of prediabetes, as well as improve the condition of existing type 2 diabetes and insulin resistance.

It fights tumor processes

Concentrated onion extract contains many sulfides that directly attack cancer cells and the free radicals that cause them. Research in the field shows that onions are very effective specifically against cancer of the stomach, mouth, colon, larynx, esophagus, ovaries.

Increases immunity

Onions contain polyphenols that help the immune system work well. They protect the body from the harmful effects of free radicals that interfere with the work of the immune system. The selenium in onions also stimulates the body’s defense mechanisms.

Lowers cholesterol

Daily consumption of half a head of onion or a whole stalk of fresh onion helps to reduce bad cholesterol and improve the functioning of the circulatory system. This is shown by research conducted at the University of Hong Kong.

Relieves ear pain

In case of inflamed ears, freshly squeezed onion juice can be used. Heat it slightly before applying with a dropper.

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Strong against dental problems

Dental infections, caries and inflamed gums are detrimental to the health of the oral cavity. However, the consumption of fresh onions fights pathogenic bacteria in the oral cavity, neutralizes them and prevents damage to teeth and gums. Abstain from the bad smell of onions and eat it every day.

Improves digestive function

The fiber in onions makes the processing of food in the intestines easier. It prevents gas and swelling.

It acts as an aphrodisiac

Onions are a real aphrodisiac if you are not afraid of the smell of onion or garlic. The compounds in it improve blood circulation and stimulate the excitability of nerve endings.

Effective against hair loss

The sulfur in onions and garlic not only fights hair loss, but also stimulates hair growth. It is also useful for the scalp itself because it suppresses the microorganisms that cause dandruff and itching.

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