Proven homemade recipes for joint pain

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Nowadays, the problem of joint pain is very relevant.

We all have pain – some in the elbows, some in the shoulders and knees. Recently, young people have been complaining of such pain.

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With age, joint pain is significantly greater and more excruciating.

The reasons can be very diverse – a sedentary lifestyle, old injuries, decreased immunity, infection, heavy and frequent exercise.

You do not need to constantly resort to painkillers.

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Turn to nature and its riches – they are significantly more effective than drugs and have no harmful effects on other organs.

These two natural recipes will significantly help your bones and joints, as well as your general health, and are very easy to prepare.

First recipe – oral administration
gelatin – 2 tbsp.
sesame seeds – 4 tbsp.
raisins – 3 tbsp.
flaxseed – 8 tbsp.
pumpkin seeds – 40 g
honey – 200 g

Preparation: Put all these natural resources in a blender and grind until smooth. Before each meal, take 1 tbsp. of this mixture in the morning, noon and evening. You will feel much better not only with joint pain, but your immunity will also improve. It works in anemia and speeds up metabolism.

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Second recipe – to lubricate the sore spot

spicy mustard – 1 tbsp.
water – 1 tbsp.
salt – 1 tbsp. fine
pure honey – 1 tbsp.

Preparation: Mix all ingredients until smooth. Place the mixture in a glass jar and store in the refrigerator. Apply the ointment to the affected part of the body, tie a piece of nylon on it, wrap the nylon with a woolen scarf.

Thus, you keep the compress for two hours at complete rest without any movements. After the time has elapsed, clean the greased area. You will feel a surprisingly fast effect after the first application. You can repeat the procedure with the compress if necessary.

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