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18 truths about cancer …
How and how much does it hurt in cancer and in which type of tumors are the chances of survival the greatest? Here are 18 questions and answers you want to know but are afraid to ask …

How many types of cancer are there?
About 200, but some of them are very rare and others much more common.

Does cancer always kill?
In the early stages – not at all! Only in the last stage is cancer deadly. Remember that not all cancers kill and that in some types of patients the survival rate has already reached 90%.

Does it hurt a lot in cancer?
It depends on his place. In most cancers, people do not feel anything at the initial stage. Unfortunately.

What type of cancer is inherited?
There is a proven genetic predisposition in cancer of the ovaries, stomach, breast. But the presence of such a hereditary gene does not mean that you will necessarily get it if you had a close relative with such a disease. It’s just that your danger is greater and it’s good to take precautions.

If I am a parent and have cancer, how do I tell my children?
It’s best to be honest: “I have a malignant disease and I still don’t know how it will end … That’s why I’m counting on your help.”
Very young children can be told about the disease by the example of the “good” and “bad” cells in the body.

Can another person catch cancer?
No, this is not an infectious disease. You can’t “catch” cells from a foreign human body!

What are all the stages of cancer?
Four: in the first stage, the cancer is localized in only one organ; on the second – the malignancy begins to grow and often approaches the lymph nodes; on the third – the cancer is already there, and in nearby tissues; on the fourth – metastases appear, ie the cancer spreads to other organs, and often – all over the body. You can also live with cancer at this stage, but it is almost impossible to cure.

Can you tell how long a cancer will last in a person?
Only in some cases with skin cancer. In everyone else, no one can say the exact date.

If I already have one type of cancer, is there a danger of another type?
There is, but it is small and insignificant. It is associated with chemotherapy, especially for breast, testicular and skin cancers. Because chemotherapy damages healthy cells.


Does age and athleticism affect survival and survival?
Usually young people and athletes have a better chance because they have stronger immunity and can more easily bear the burden of treatment.

Do nationality and skin color matter at the risk of cancer?
Usually not, although some cancers are more common in certain races or lifestyles. For example, prostate cancer in people in Africa and the Caribbean (for unknown reasons!), Stomach cancer in Japanese and Koreans, and so on.

What is the difference between primary and secondary cancer?
The primary one is the one that originally appeared in a specific place. The secondary is formed by cells that have detached from the original formation.

Why is cancer not treated with organ transplants?
Even if the organ is cut with the primary cancer, a malignant cell or cells will certainly be able to go for a “walk” on the body. They will begin to grow in another organ or elsewhere.

What happens if the GP suspects that his patient may have cancer?
At all costs you should send it to a specialist for further research and analysis. Because most cancers are initially treated with surgery, surgeons are usually the first specialist consultants.

Is it possible to beat an already existing cancer through diet and sports?
Directly – no, but indirectly they can help a lot. The better you are in shape, the more strength you will have to defeat the disease.

Can I look for another opinion?
It is imperative. And our advice is to never be left with only one doctor’s opinion. Be sure to seek another doctor – preferably as much as possible authority in the field.

To what extent does cancer affect the chances of conceiving a child?
Depends on the type of treatment. Some types of chemotherapy or radiation affect, others do not. For men, it is recommended to give sperm, for women this issue is much more difficult and complicated, as the freezing of eggs requires time and more effort.

Why are some cancers inoperable?
If the malignancy is in an inconvenient position for the surgeon, too close to a blood vessel or organ, if it has already “entangled” the spine, the operation will not help and is even life-threatening. Cancer patients with blood (leukemia) or bone marrow cancer should also not be operated on. But in such cases there are other types of treatments.

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